Ministries and Religious Groups


Music Ministry: St. Mary Julie Jaramillo-860-2018, Bernadette Valdez-486-3379

Altar Servers:  St. Mary, Paul Benedict-505-879-8297.

Liturgical Schedule: St. Mary, Parish Office-(505)632-2014 

Home Visits/Holy Communion: St. Mary, Parish Office-(505)632-2014

Mayordomos - St. Rose: Chris/Autumn Valdez, Adam/Desiraye, Benavidez and Gabe/Emma Losoya

Music Ministry: St. Rose, Liz Valdez-505-486-6731

Legion of Mary: St. Rose –Veronica  Ulibarri:505-330-8216

Altar Servers: St. Rose-Chris Valdez:505-486-6827

Lector Ministry: St. Rose-David Valdez:505-632-8849

Knights of Columbus #15618: Kevin Serrano-505-793-0442

The time spent by our parish groups such as the Ladies Guild, the Legion of Mary, Life Teen, Musicians, Lectors, Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters, Church Caretakers, CCD Teachers, are volunteered hours that every parish needs to function and remain active.